Imported MIDI - Wrong Time Signature?

I am creating custom songs for my BeatBuddy with MIDI files edited in Cakewalk.

On one particular song in 3/4 time, imported MIDI is being interpreted by the BeatBuddy in the wrong time signature some of the time.

I have some 1-measure transitions and fills that are coming in OK, but there are some loop patterns that are 4 measures of 3/4 interpreted as 3 measures of 4/4. This causes issues on transitions and fills because they don’t play back in alignment with the real measure breaks.

I tried to edit the loops in BeatBuddy Manager, manually changing to 3/4, but this alters note durations so that the first 4 beats are squeezed into a 3-beat measure.

Is there a way to correct this?

Hi Hink

I have released an alternate editor (The missing editor for your BeatBuddy 🥁 BBFF) which should be able to read the MIDI files from Cakewalk correctly (and if not, let me know and I’ll figure out why for you) and help you with creating your custom songs.

I use the free software Aria Maestosa to do the midi modifications. Perhaps it would be useful for you too :relieved: (e.g. to cross check the midi format)

Just on Saturday I modified one BB loop from 4/4 to 2/4 in order to have fills in correct places :blush: (the song was in 2/4) I couldn’t use the BB Manager as it failed in the operation but with Aria it was a piece of cake :yum:

After getting some suggestions on the Cakewalk forums, I found the solution within Cakewalk:

The standard MIDI clips have to be converted to “MIDI groove clips” before exporting. This embeds all the necessary information.