Importing a "blank" midi file?

Hi. I have been putting together some songs, many of which need the drums to drop out for a few measures. I assumed I could just do that with an empty midi file (set up as a single 4/4 measure in my midi software; file attached). But when I try to import into a song in BBManager, I get an error:

1 - Parser - ERROR 262144 - Parsed midi file does not contain any event. File cannot be recovered.
2 - Midi file does not contain any event

Any ideas? Thanks.

Make the measure in the midi file with a low sounding instrument like a shaker and bring the volume down low in the beat builder or what ever software you are using.

Ensure the midi note is a note that is not supported by the BB and thereby does not trigger a sample.

Thanks. I think I tried this, but wasn’t getting the timing I expected. I’ll go back and play with it some more to see where I went wrong.