Importing A Drum Track From Garageband

Can I import a drum track from garageband into beat buddy? If so how would I go about doing that?

I think what you want is to export a MIDI song from Garageband so that you can import it or create a song in the BeatBuddy. Is this correct?

If this is the case, emacnevin shared his workaround with us. You can find that and other posts related to GB at

Do keep in mind that I don’t think you can export to MIDI from GB and in order to use the workaround you’ll have to use a separate utility.

I have drum tracks in GarageBand that have been built previously. I’m not 100% sure if they’re midi or not. I’m also not sure how to tell. Can I load the entire track into beatbuddy or does it need to be a midi file?

If it looks like this, it’s probably audio:

If it looks similar to this, it’s probably MIDI:

Garageband does not natively export midi. If you like creating tracks in Garageband, you could upgrade to Logic Pro X, and then import your Garageband project to Logic and export the necessary tracks to midi. Or you can follow the process in the link below:

One thing to note, though. Once you have your Garageband track turned into a midi file, some of the drums in Garageband may be at locations that do not have a corresponding drum in Beat Buddy. You may to do some further editing, which we can describe, if you get to that point and need help.