Importing a WAV File into the Aeros via USB

Trying to collect enough info on the Areos to make an educated decision on a purchase and the current manual lacks a lot on what can be done or how to do certain functions. Hoping someone may have tried a few things I’m asking below.

One of the things I do with my current looper pedal is import WAV file drum loops/sounds created in a DAW. I’m assuming the Areos is capable of this, but there is no mention of using USB to transfer files into the unit. Perhaps when the SD card functionality is implemented it may be an easier alternative to the USB.

  • Stereo 44.1 kHz 16-Bit .wav File Format standard?
  • Is there a setting in the Areos to ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ the USB for connection to a computer?
  • Is the current song on which the Areos is selected where the WAV file will be loaded to or can the WAV file be assigned to any song number/placement in any order?
  • Can the Areos track(s) to which a WAV file is imported be selected or does it default to Areos tracks 1-2? Ex: Import a WAV stereo track to Areos tracks 3-4
  • If I have 50 or so WAV file drum loops to import, can these be imported ‘bulk’ in one operation (drag/drop a group) or do they have to go in one at a time? Similarly if I export loops made in the Areos can those be exported in ‘bulk’ or just one at a time?
  • Do the WAV files retain their file name and displayed as the same on the Areos?
  • Assumed the Areos will properly recognize the end of a WAV file loop and loop to the start point without a timing glitch(?) Not sure if loops created in the Aeros would have ‘markers/pointers’ to indicate start/stop points in loops that an imported WAV may not have.

Currently, the USB connection sees the inserted SD card but not the internal memory, so all of this is theoretical.

There’s a video ( that might offer some clues. The convention seems to be SongName as folder, within which the filenames follow a standard convention of

𝗖𝗛<𝙰 𝚘𝚛 𝙱>𝗣𝗧<#>𝐓<#>

CH - channel A or B for the stereo output
PT - part number
T - track number

So for a 2x2 song named Fred, you would have a Fred folder, and inside it you would have

  • CHAPT1T1.wav
  • CHAPT1T2.wav
  • CHAPT2T1.wav
  • CHAPT2T2.wav
  • CHBPT1T1.wav
  • CHBPT1T2.wav
  • CHBPT2T1.wav
  • CHBPT2T2.wav

which seem to be mono (?) tracks played as pairs to get stereo output.

(Could someone from Singular from comment on this, please?)

By using a naming convention, you can build a bulk load that’s easy to transfer, without having to have a GUI with lots of options to accomplish the same thing.

I hope it is possible to use it like this, I really want to be able to load it up with backing track audio that I can loop over. wonder what happens if there is a conflict between the wav length and the time signature/bpm. presumably if everything is aligned it should work, but I could imagine it not being as simple as that

On my Aeros, the SD card don’t work. I don’t know why there’s a video about it whereas the support explain me that’s normal and that there top priority development.

I use loop pedals in the exact same way. I.e creating beats on a DAW and loading them to a loop pedal track. Did you figure out how to do this with Aeros? I can’t seem to work it out.


When I purchased my AEROS from sweetwater I asked the very specific question: “Can I first record tracks and parts on AEROS, Export them to my studio edit them in Studio one, and import them back into my AEROS?” Sweetwater’s answer “ABSOLUTELY!” The answer should have been “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

Does anyone want to buy an AEROS LOOP STUDIO? $100 off?

@JorgedeJorge I bought mine from Sweetwater and my Rep told me if it was in brand new condition, he’d take it back as l late as six months. (Since I informed him of all the shortcomings.) Thankfully, the firmware evolved enough that I wanted to keep the Aeros however, it is lacking many things.

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