Importing Addictive Drum Patterns into BB

I have numerous original songs prepared using Sonar and Addictive Drums 2.0. It would be great if I could just copy sections of my drum patterns from these songs into BB so I can start tweaking these songs out in a live setting. I tried a few patterns (just dragged straight from Sonar Addictive Drum track over to BB Manager) and it worked although the drums didn’t appear to be mapped correctly. Is there a way to re-map the Addictive Drum patterns? Since BB works using General Midi format I’m assuming that Addictive Drum patterns aren’t saved in that format?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it would be a great time saver

What I’ve noticed is that general midi has two snares, and two kicks, and sometimes the midi creator chooses the “other” one. Most drum kits don’t implement both. The good thing is that with BB Manager, you can examine the drum kit and take note of which instruments are implemented, and even implement the ones that aren’t if you want.

I am thinking of buying AD. Did anybody manage to get this working ok? Any help pls?