Importing BB midi file into DAW does not sound the same

I imported the MIDI file (BRUSHES- beat 5 straight 16ths Pop simple !!.mid) into Bandlab Cakewalk and it sounds nothing like it does in BBM. It’s a midi file from one of the Brushes beats. How do I get this file to work in my DAW to sound like it does in BBM?



A midi file contains no sound. It has instructions to trigger sounds. Bandlab is likely using a sound card or sound card emulator, or a VST in your computer to produce the sounds from the midi file. BB uses a BB drumkit to produce the sounds. To make it sound the same, you could buy and use the Goran Grooves VST that matches the kit that you were using on the BB.

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Correct. I am very aware of that. Perhaps I didn’t phrase my question correctly.

The imported BB midi file does indeed produce sound adding it to a drum instrument track. That’s not the issue. The issue is that it does not play the same. There appears to be different drums sounding and drum parts missing when imported into my DAW. As such, it doesn’t play the same as when played in BBM.

Hopefully I explained the issue better now.


Right. I think you phrased it just fine. The brushes kit does not have the exact same sounds assigned to the various midi slots that would be found in a default General Midi drumkit.

Here is the General midi drum map:

When I import this mid file and open it in Log it appears as follows:


The midi notes are properly assigned to C1, kick; D1, snare; and G#1, closed hat.

The notes should not change from one DAW to another. The other possibilites are that your track in Bandlab it set to transpose by, perhaps an octave, or perhaps several semi-tones. This would cause the the “wrong” notes to play. As long as your drum kit adheres to General Midi standards, you should be getting a Kick, snare and closed hat. Are your midi notes in Bandlab at the correct midi values. If the show numerically rather than by note, it would be 36, 38 and 44?

Cakewalk is using General Midi for the drums. The Kick, Snare and HIHat do sound (even though the hi hat is extremely soft and appears to not be playing the same rhythm as in BBM). The MIDI note layout when opening the said .mid file into Cakewalk is as follows:
C3 - Kick
D3 - Snare
G#3 - HiHat

This is what I was getting at with the original comment. A file will sound quite different, depending upon the sound that it triggers. Even if you used different singular kits, it will sound different. I use to use external sound modules, and there were big differences with Yamaha vs. Roland vs. Kurzweil.

Yes I am very aware of that as well. I use multiple different external sound modules (Roland, Alesis and Yamaha) and various different drum .vst plugins as well. Different modules/vsts for different things.

I am wanting to get the nice Brushes sounds from the BBM Brushes midi files into my DAW as MIDI. I can certainly do it by recording the audio. But I have more control over editing if I can get the midi file.

If you figure this out, I’m sure we’d all like to know. I do not know how to get SOUNDS out of a MIDI file as MIDI. The closest that I could get for you was to recommend Goran’s VST which should have the same sounds.