Importing Beats from Latin Folder Fail?

Hi there:

I ran across a “challenge” using BeatBuddy Manager 1.32, and just installed Manager 1.33 to see if the issue I was having had been reported and perhaps addressed. Maybe not…

I am running Windows 8.1 with all the updates on a modern Asus laptop with an Intel chip set and eight gigs of ram. The sound card seems to be a Realtek High Definition Audio product.

The Challenge: When I attempt to import beats from any sub-folder within the “Latin” folder of beat content, the files do not seem to output to allow hearing the playback. A user can see the file playing in the virtual BeatBuddy Pedal at top left, but I am not experiencing sound output. It seems to start and stop normally.

Naturally, I would be interested to know if any other users have experienced this lack of playability with the proprietary Latin beat set.

Are you sure you are using a Latin drum set when playing the file?

The trick is that Latin songs actually use a non GM-compatible MIDI notes and only Latin drum set supports those notes.

Ah… I see… Yes, and thank you. BB Manager does only output sound when used in conjunction with the Latin Drum set. Gracias!