Importing Brown sugar .kar

Hi, I cannot find any MIDI file here, only a .kar file, how to import it into my BeatBuddy?


Extract the files from the zip file and rename the extension on the file from kar to mid. A kar file is a karaoke midi file usually having lyrics in it. Not sure how having lyrics embedded will import the BBM, but give it a try. Persist likely wouldn’t post something that would have issues to use.
Actually you should only need to import the sng file. The kar file was likely the source for creating the sng file I believe.

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I have renamed .kar to .mid: no sound.
Then I have clicked on Song under Drum fill (in BeatBuddy Manager): it works.
Thank you.

Exactly. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Import > Song and select the BeatBuddy song Brown_Sugar.sng

BBM complains that a main loop is missing when I want to synchronize (to write my new song to the SD card). So I deleted this song. The 2 other songs I added (Johnny B Goode and Rebel Rebel) worked (but they have a .mid file)