importing individual songs (premium content) where original deleted

I can’t seem to import a single song folder into the original Beatles package I bought! very irritating as the song was incorrectly laid out & needed amendment but it went wobbly when I deleted 3 duplicated parts. When I tried to copy the original song file (We can Work It Out) it wouldn’t do it!
Any ideas??

Not quite sure what’s happening from your description. Which version of the BBM are you using? What error messages are you getting?

It sounds like you have a BeatBuddy formatted folder “beatles.pbf” that contains a song that you want to import because the original that you were working on is now missing several sections that you deleted.

Only thing I can advise is that you should be able to use the BBM menu File > Import > Folder to import the beatles.pbf folder. It will probably add a (1) to the name of the folder. From there, you can use the BBM File > Export > Song (We Can Work it Out) to your desktop and then BBM File > Import > Song to your folder of choice.