Importing loops and then syncing the beatbudy beat in DAW instruction

just moved loops to computer i was upset because not as many things got saved as i thought i had. i hadn’t gotten the beat buddy beat name into any of the loop Titles even though i thought i had.

can i be directed to a tutorial or faq about adding loops to DAW and finding the beatbuddy beat that corresponds and getting it to sync as you record the beat back in?.
i see a meta file but is the tempo not saved within it?

The component part of a BB song are midi files, for the intro, outro, main loops, fills, and transitions. If your version of BBM is capable of exporting the midi files (it should show as an option when you right click the song part), you should then be able to import the midi file into a DAW and it should be able to match the tempo of the song in your DAW.

Midi files for default BB content are available of the BB product page under Downloads at the bottom of the page:

It is the MIDI Loop library.

thanks Phil i think had some misconceptions.

it seems to be better with reaper anyway set tempo before import