Importing Midi Bass Files into Beat Buddy

I’m not sure if this topic is covered elsewhere? If so please redirect me :slight_smile:

1 I have exported a midi bass file from Logic X.
2 Then I import that midi bass file into the Beat Buddy Manager into a song.
3 The Beat Buddy pedal plays the midi file, but it is a drum sound.
4 I suspect the Beat Buddy Player does not know how to play my midi bass file as bass because it thinks it is a drum.

5 My question is, how do I get the Beat Buddy pedal to recognize the midi bass sound exactly like Logic X does? Can I export my Logic X software instrument library to the Beat Buddy somehow? Or?

I hope my question makes sense to someone.

I mostly play banjo these days and I want to use the Beat Buddy to play the software(midi) bass tracks that I create in Logic to back me up. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help on this :slight_smile:

Of course the BeatBuddy can play the bass notes. Here’s the steps to change the bass in Logic Pro X.
It will depend on which drum set you’re using. If it’s the NP Standard Pro Bass or one of Phil’s kits:

  • in the bass track, select all
  • raise 24 semitones (you can use the short-cut of pressing the shift-option and up-arrow combination twice)

If it’s one of Phil Flood’s drum sets with bass, you’re going to lower all the selected bass notes by 24 to 36 semitones (shift-option down arrow 2 or 3 times).

Make sure you’ve loaded an NP drum set with bass and you should be good to go.

Have a read of this thread

Thank You for your replies @persist[/USER] and [USER=500]@Guitar Stu !:slight_smile:

Hmmm. I raised the software instruments 24 semitones, but now I hear nothing coming from the Beat Buddy when I go to play the track I am NOT hearing anything. In fact, I have nothing left on my Beat Buddy now?

How do I tell if I have the " NP Standard Pro Bass or one of Phil’s kits" ?

I am attaching a screen shot of my Logic X project, the Beat Buddy’s SD card files, and the BB Manager project. I am not sure what to do at this point? Thank you so much for your help on this! :slight_smile:

  • The Standard Pro kit is a premium kit and it’s the basis for the NP Standard Pro Bass kit.
  • Maybe a better example of one of Phil’s (not Phil Flood’s) kits to use is this one located here You will need to download and import the kit into the BBM.
  • A good Phil Flood kit (of the many he’s built) is here
  • GarryA has also shared some of his kits
  • Once you’ve downloaded and imported a kit, you need to click the BBM Drum Sets tab and click the checkbox for the kits you want to use
  • From the BBM screen shot, it appears that you have not selected a drum kit to play your song.
    [ATTACH]6516[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6517[/ATTACH] to do so, where your drum kit presently shows none, use the Default Drum Set dropdown menu to pick your kit.
  • from what it looks like in your Logic Pro X window, the bass note range looks about right so the reason it probably does not sound the bass notes is because you don’t have a kit with bass notes selected.
    If you’re still having problems, please zip and upload the bass and the drum MIDI tracks from Logic Pro (as separate tracks—not as a single joined track) to this thread; if you can, export the song from the BBM that you’re having problems with so we can take a look at it too.

Thanks @persist ! I’ve now added the drum set named NP Brushes Upright to the BBM. I have synchronized the song etc.

1 When I push play on the project in the BBM, the BB pedal icon in the upper left turns green and looks like it’s playing the sound, but I don’t hear anything.

2 When I put the SD card in the BB pedal “Hearts and Dreams” shows up on the display, but when I push the main pedal no sound comes out etc. The screen on the BB pedal does NOT turn red or green at all

3 I don’t seem to have ANY drum beats or anything else left on my SD card now, so the BB pedal does NOT play anything anymore.

Thanks again for any help here! :slight_smile:

I am attaching a screen shot of my SD card and BBM project to give you an idea of where I am at now…

Thanks for including the screen shots. I see a couple of things going on. Let’s start with the BBM:

  • probably the reason you don’t see any songs in your BBM (or pedal) is because you have a project named BB test.bbp* open but it appears there is only one song in this project
  • in the folder I see another project named Hearts and Dreams.bbp; use BBM to open that project and let me know what you see
  • if you don’t have all of your default songs and drum sets and don’t have a backup on your computer, download the Default BeatBuddy Content Update:
  • are you by chance using your computer OS to manage BeatBuddy songs, folder or projects? from the screen shot, it seems and if so, that’s a no-go; always use the BBM
  • from your folder, I only see one drum set and a couple of songs—one in your songs folder and another in the bbworkspace; this might be because your bbworkspace location has not been set; use the BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location; since you’re using a Mac, you can follow the example path from the screen shot

Please export, zip and post Heart and Matter and we’ll take a look at it. At this point, I’d like to suggest a couple of things:

  • if you’ve viewed some of the video tutorials or read the manual already, it might be a good time to revisit them—maybe along with Guitar Stu’s tutorial for which he posted the link above
  • if you’ve tried all of that already and think you’ve got a good grip but you’re still facing challenges, please start a Conversation with me and we can take it from there

You aren’t the first nor will you be the last user that’s challenged by the BeatBuddy system but once you get it figured out, it’ll become easier and easier to get things done.

@persist Thank You so much for all your help so far. Unfortunately I ran out of time to figure this out before I had to leave for a tour. I want to try again when I return in November :slight_smile:

PS Can I use a bass AND drum track with the beat buddy?

Have a great tour. I should still be here when you get back and we can pick up wherever you need.

You most certainly can play bass and drums (as well as keys, strings and horns) on the BB pedal.

@persist Thank You!

Ok, just to confirm, the BB can play bass and drums simultaneously right? I ask because it seems like I heard somewhere that the files can only be single tracks, not multi tracks?

Correct. The bass and drums tracks play simultaneously on the BB even though the tracks are joined into a single track.

Cool! I can’t wait to figure it all out!

Hi! I’m back from my 2 month tour now and I’m ready to get this figured out.

1 I downloaded the drumset you recommended here:
2 I imported the " NP_Brushes_Upright_63_91.drm" drumset into the BBM
3 I exported a midi file from Logic X of some bass tracks. I did not raise the octave up or down at all yet as I’m not sure which way to go? I am using the upright bass that comes with Logic X. I figured I can experiment later with which way to raise or lower the octave(s). I just want to get something, whatever it is, to come out of my BeatBuddy for now, even if just more drums etc…
4 I imported the midi file into my project called “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”
5 I put a check mark in the box for the " NP_Brushes_Upright_63_91.drm" drumset
6 I manually moved the " NP_Brushes_Upright_63_91.drm" drumset into the “drumsets” folder on my Beat Buddy SD card.
6 I do not seem to be able to get the BBM to syncronize so I can have it on my SD card, so I can play it with my BeatBuddy pedal. I’m stuck. Not sure what to do from here?

Thanks as always for any help! :slight_smile:

Screenshot of my BBM Project called “Knocking ON Heaven’s Door” attached below

Let’s go through it:

  1. good.
  2. Asuuming this was done in BBM using File>import>drumkit, that would good, too.
  3. 63-91 means that the bass in the kit falls between midi 63 and 91, i.e. Eb3 through G5, thus you would likely need to transpose the bass in your midi file up 2 octaves, in Logic.
  4. Ok, except you are triggering notes where there are no sounds. The sounds are at 63-91.
  5. Good.
  6. Very, very, very, bad. You get the drumkit on to the card using file>synchronize project, or if sync is grayed out, file>export project to SD card.
  7. This is a noted Mac problem. Use the export project to SD card option.

Also, given that you screen shot has an asterisk in front of the kit name, it would appear that you had not selected the kit FOR THIS SONG. If you have an asterisk, you need to click on the kit name and then drag Your highlighted box to the kit name.

Thanks for the response!!!

1 Ok, I have the right dreamiest now
2 Yes, I imprtorted the drum set File>import>drum kit
3 Ok, I’ve taken the notes up 2 octaves within Logic and re-exported as a midi file
4 I re-imported the midi file into BBM
5 Ok
6 Ha! Ok, I erased it out of the “drumsets” folder in my SD card. Is that all I have to do to get rid of it in there? Or is there an un-install procedure?
7 Ok, I’ve exported the project to my SD now using the “export” function in the file menu.
8 It seems that everything synced to the SD card and now I can see the project/song “Knocking ON Heaven’s Door” on my Beat Buddy, but it does not play any sound. Any idea why not?
9 How do I know what midi notes I’m at in Logic ex. 63-91? It says G4 next to the note in Logic X. Does that indicate anything?
10 My Beat Buddy Wont Allo me to play anything except for the song/project I just synced to the SD card. I suspect this is because " 107 pm.bbp" (the name of my BBM project) is at the top pf my SD card now? See screenshot below…

… New screen shot attached of my SD car and BBM below

Thanks again for the assistance! I think I must be close now!

  1. You should be good.
  2. At this point, IDK. IF you would like to start a conversation with me and send me your midi file and your. sng, I can take a look.


When I have a midi instrument open in Logic, I see this keyboard, when I am in Piano Roll view. C-2 is midi 0, C-1 is midi 12, C0 is midi 24, C1 is midi 36, C2 is 46, C3 is 60, C4 is 72, C5 is 84, C6 is 96, C7 is 108, C8 is 120. Therefore 63 is 3 half-steps above C3 = Eb3. 91 is 7 half steps above C5 = G5, etc.

  1. When you exported the project, you should have selected Yes, when you saw this screen. Did you? If not, that may be the problem.


Ok, thanks for your response again!!! Sorry it took me so long to get back on with this. I’ve had a very busy week!

  1. I have nothing on my SD card now so I can’t get all the default drums to play anymore :confused: Screenshot of my BB Sd card attached below…
  2. How do I “start a conversation with you”? How much money does that cost me?
  3. I am attaching a screenshot of my midi editor within Logic X. I am at G4, which seems to be in the range you mentioned?
  4. I don’t remember if I selected “Yes” when I saw that screen?
  5. Shouldn’t I be able to hear my midi file playing within the BBM when I push play? I don’t…

Thanks again :slight_smile:

  1. you may need to follow the general disaster recovery protocol

  1. You start a conversation with me by clicking on my user name below my picture. One of the options that appears is Start a Conversation. I hadn’t thought of charging, and you might not be able to afford me if I did. :wink:
  2. I think I might see the problem. At what measure does your bass track start having notes in it? If it is 228 like in your screen shot, that is the problem. Logic is creating midi file with 227 blank measures before it starts to play anything. Thus, you ain;t gonna hear nuthin’! You need to have your track start in measure 1 unless you want silence at the beginning of a track.
  3. Therefore, 6 above.
  4. See 9 above. My Workspace looks nothing like yours. It would be more helpful to see your BBM Screens.

Hey Phil Flood! Thank You for your patience and persistence on this! I think we are close now.
6. Ok, great. Thank You! Got the factory defaults back up and running now.
8 Ha! :smiley: I’m relieved!!! Just had to ask :slight_smile:
9 Good point! My bass track DOES start at measure 227/228. However, I assumed since I was exporting “selection as midi file” it would only select the midi that starts at measure 227 because that’s what I have selected in yellow at the top of Logic? Is that NOT true? Hmmmm, let me try taking the bass tracks all the way to measure 1 and see what happens.
Ok, that actually worked!!! HOWEVER, now all I’m getting is the first two bass notes out of the hundreds that should follow in my selection. I think the BB is only playing the first measure? Not sure why??? There is about 145 measures in my selection.Is that ok? Or? o_O
12 (new topic) Now my problem is I can’t seem to get my BBM project onto my SD card with destroying all the factory default content :eek: Overtime I try to synchronize the project to my SD card it erases everything else on the card except my current project. I’m probably forgetting something I already learned? See screenshots attached below.
13 (new topic) is there a good tutorial for me to view about the Beat Buddy Manager & Beat Buddy file managing? For example, I’m not sure what the “work location means”? Is there a way to name the folders on the SD card to make more sense as song titles rather than just the numbers I see now? Etc…