Importing MIDI Files?

New Question for y’all, Can I import MIDI files into beat buddy, from a program Like Cubase Elements In pure MIDI Format?o_O

kinda. you have to load the midi clips and construct a beat buddy song using the beatbuddy manager. but, the clips are just midi notes that trigger instruments. Guitar Stu made a nice drumset that has two octaves of bass in it! So you can create special midi files that contain both a drum and bass track, and wallah!! bass and drum accompaniment!

Sweet! reading other threads now, there’s got to be a simply, better way. Whew! I’m trying to create a fill, verse and chorus part for a song and I went thru all presets on BB and looks like I will have to make it in midi and import it, Just trying to figure out how to do that exactly.:frowning:

You’ll just want the drum track of the midi file, of course. Don’t know if that was clear. (unless it’s a bass+drums, in which it’s a single midi drum track with extra notes for the bass)

I outlined my process here:

Just the drum parts, Have an original song with an odd structure, that I need to write midi beats for. Thanks for your help. I admit it, I’m a BBM noob But been playing guitar since I was 7 or so I am now 47, and This pedal is awesome! I just have to learn how to get whats in my head on this thing lol:D For instance: I need and accent that is a simultaneous bass drum kick + crash cymbal.

There’s nothing stopping you from playing two separate wavs in garageband or whatever, and recording them into one :slight_smile: Wallaah!! kick/crash accent! :slight_smile:

Have a look in the samples area of the forum.