Importing Midi files?

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a dumb question! I’m trying to “Import” midi files that I’ve downloaded online into a folder using the BB Manager. I’ve noticed that there is no file type for midi to import?

So…my question is “How do you import MIDI files into the BB Manager”? I’m sure this is possible and I’m missing a step! Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Leo. Create a new song within an existing folder. Click on Main Loop (see screen shot) and import the midi file.


If you haven’t viewed the tutorials or user’s guide, you might want to take some time to do so.

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Great…Thanks persist. I went through the online guide user’s guide, but I only saw the one for the actual pedal itself. Do you have the links for the BB Manager guide/tutorial? Thanks for the help!

I have tried the Create A New Song in my Set List Folder and then I click on The Main Loop, and I am getting an error stating that the file cannot be imported because it’s not a Portable File Format. I am using Win 10 and my BB Manager is version Any other suggestions?

It sounds like you might have clicked on Import Folder instead of Import Song.

  • Import Folder expects a file with the .pbf extension (a BeatBuddy folder that contains more than one song)
  • Import Song expects a file with the .sng extension (a single BeatBuddy song)

No, when I get to the part of Importing, I am selecting Song, not Folder. I do have to select to show All Files to show my .mid file extensions so that I can see my list of midi song files that I want to import from. So, I do know that I am doing what was posted to do is correct. It doesn’t appear that this function is working as it is supposed to. Any other suggestions? I am trying to get the KISS songs that I mentioned in another post of the forum. I was able to get Psycho Circus and Rock and Roll All Night imported that another member posted here in the Forums.

Okay. From your description just now, I’m confused :eek:. Are you trying to import a song (with an .sng extension or a midi file, with a .mid extension?) They are 2 different actions. To create a new song from an existing midi file—not an .sng file,

  • BBM > Songs > New Song
  • In the first screen shot, hover your cursor over the Intro or Outro Fill (see the little yellow box “Add midi file”?
  • Click on the Intro or Outro fill, and it brings up a navigation window
  • Select the midi file and press Choose

If this still isn’t what you need, let me know and perhaps we can set up a remote session.



Just so we better understand, would you be able to upload a short (unlisted) YouTube video showing us exactly what you’re doing? Record your screen, or alternatively you can screenshot every step and upload the pictures in the order you took them. As @persist mentioned, a remote phone session is always an option if things do not seem to be getting solved so easily on your end. Just let us know. :slight_smile:

The last thing that you mentioned was the key item that I was missing, i have successfully been able to get the basic drum beats of some of the KISS songs that I have needed, but the midi files that I found for Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud has their drum tracks in the 2nd position on the track listing, although that track label is listed as track 10. I am getting a parse error on those two and those are unable to upload. I have searched around several midi sites, but evidently they have the same midi files and I am getting the same problem.

Can anybody recommend a good midi editor app for Windows 10? Or, does anyone possibly have those two songs where I can borrow and upload to my set list of songs?

See if this is what you need,four count then click on 2 and 4 till the drums start.