Importing MIDI into BB Manager

I have MIDI files that I import into Studio One drum pattern editor which I have it mapped to the different Beat Buddy kits. Once I import the MIDI files in the BB Manager and play back, it doesn’t sound like the file I produced (not triggering certain elements). Am I missing anything or can I do anything differently to have the track play back the way it was programmed? Any assistance is appreciated.


The BB drum mapping does not EXACTLY map to the GM standard. Some things will need to be remapped from your MIDI file, especially some toms.

Here is a list of the mappings-to-notes for the basic parts of the drumkits:

Kick: 36

Rim: 37
Snare: 38
Claps: 39

Hats Closed: 42
Hats Pedal: 44
Hats Open 46

Tom 1: 50
Tom 2: 48
Tom 3: 45
Tom 4: 43

Crash-1: 49
Crash-2: 57
Ride: 51
Ride Bell: 53
Splash-1: 55
Splash-2: 59

Tambourine: 54
Cowbell: 56
Shaker: 82

That SHOULD help a little…

Thanks, Joel. I’ll have a go at it.