Importing midi songs.

Ok I work with midi songs a lot in my duo act. I get them pull out all the bad stuff and rearrange some parts to make them correct. I use cubase 3 for deep editing. I am curious what the procedure is for breaking down midi songs so that I get the intro fill, main loop, drum fill etc…to fall in line like the default songs. I am soo close to getting this but just not sure on the min/max measures for each part or how it comes together like a default song would. This is driving me nuts because I have 1000’s of songs I’d love to import. I would definitely share these as I come up with them. I’m off work a couple of months and this would keep my sanity! LOL. Thanks for any help.

I am not understanding your question. All I do is find a midi that has the intro, verses, chorus etc… I compare it to the original artist song to make sure it is accurate with all its parts. If I can’t find a decent midi file for free I will sometimes buy an accurate midi file for 5 bucks. Then I strip out all instruments except bass and drums. I then fine tune the bass and drums to make sure they fall within the BB parameters. Then I import that midi file into the BB and it plays perfectly with all its parts? Maybe you are using an older version of BB. In the old versions there was a 500 note limit. Love that you have 1000 midis. If you are willing to share message me with your list.

I have been doing this with Pro Tools for the past few months, taking full song midi files and formatting them for the pedal. My process is to import the files into Pro Tools clip list, then drag only the drum track and one or two reference tracks in to my session (like guitar and/or vocals). I already had EZDrummer and EZKeys plugins and I use them for simplicity to play the midi tracks back.

I then use the Markers in Pro Tools to map out the song sections (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Transition etc.). I then cut up the drum track at those markers, name the clips, delete everything from the tracks and then drag each section back in from the clip list and export each individually (This is because Pro Tools doesn’t seem to allow exporting individual Midi clips like it does audio clips, instead exports the whole “song”). There is no longer a note limit on each section, so often I just grab the whole song sections to save time. I save all of the exported song sections in a folder, and then open the BBM and import them into a new song.

Every song can be different and it likely depends on your preferences, but a few things I can think of to consider while doing this:

  • When chopping up song sections, if I can, I do try and cut it up so that a main beat will loop (so if I miss a cue or want to extend a part), and then use the transitions and fills that add the flair to the song and make it sound like its recorded counter part
  • BBM and the BeatBuddy use general midi mapping, and depending on the source of your midi, it may need some tweaking (I attached a map I reference often).
  • There are always little nuances, like when a song section contains a half measure for example. So the song is in 4/4 but one section has say two and a half measures. In this case, I use the edit feature in BBM to go into that section after importing it and set it to 2/4 time, so it will play nice with the other sections and not create a pause for half a measure when playing back on the BeatBuddy.

Hope that helps!

Ok that is what I was looking for. Thanks you sir for the explaination. I actually just spotted that midi map and printed it out earlier. Now to do some surgery on some midi songs :wink:

Actually I have the latest version. I just was not sure on how to lay out the individual parts of a song so BB will make it play smoothly on the transitions. I’ve been collecting midi files since early 2000’s . Was involved in a site for years where we would swap files in bulk form. I actually have well over 60,000 midi files. Good part about it is they are so small in size! Thanks for your thoughts on my problem. Think I have this now. :slight_smile:

Oh I see. On this - if I do not want a one press song and want to use the BB as intended with transitions to the parts. I have been successful on most songs to take 1 full measure on the drum track (& sometimes bass & drums depending on the song) for the transition part only - and split it and save it out as a very small loop and place it in the transition fill box in BB manager. That seems to work but sometimes it is not always clean to be able to press the pedal to make the transition flow seamlessly. Sometimes I have to play with this a bit when splitting the transition out. I think I understand what you were asking now.

Oops did not see scorc042 response. Glad you figured it out. Happy jamming!!!

HA! It’s all good. Thank you for further explaining how you do it. I’m thinking that pause button is going to come in real handy too. So many possibilities!

I have some songs like that, I programmed a transition so that the last note length is two measures or so, so that I can hold the main pedal for transition and then hit the pause button on the external foot switch - When I hit the main pedal again in starts back up with the next section of the song instead of the one I was just in. Example would be Chicken Fried’s second verse and the bridge.

Just no end what you can do with it. That’s half the fun.

Hi banditt11,

hope you got them now… :slight_smile: which songs did you manage to do? Any song you want to share? :slight_smile:

Hi Bandit. As long as you are using the latest firmware for the pedal and latest Beatbuddy Manager there is many options when creating a sng file. You can break the song into loops, intro, outro, transition, or you can make it play a full song, Some program the intro to play the full song and have the main loop just play a small loop with no sound. One of my favorites is to program the main loop for like the verse and then have the whole chorus as a fill so you can trigger the chorus at any time you want such as I did with Neil Youngs Rocking in the Free World which I did a beginners Tutorial for.

And You can also include bass guitar in your midi files used in conjunction with a drumset that contains bass guitar samples.

Another Sample I have is
John Mayers Gravity. I have a loop for the verse which will let me jam out the start of the song. When I hit the first chorus I trigger the fill and it plays the whole song up to where it goes back to the verse loop to jam out the end of the song.

I have quite a few songs that I program the whole song to play in the intro loop and then say after the bridge or last chorus it will go into a loop to jam out the rest of the song.
I will sometimes create a loop that is 8 or 16 bars long etc and include fills so I don’t have to manually trigger them. I do this in Hey joe and use the fill to trigger the walking part after the solo.

Your only limited by your imagination.

YIKES! Thanks Stu. Actually I will be getting the BeatBuddy tomorrow. Just been getting a headstart with the manager program. I’ve taken some midi files and cut them up and toyed with them in the program. Still some silent spot that are not supposed to be there but I’m closing in. I am going to “digest” all the info you offered and get this right :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your input on this. I know what I want to do in my head but I need to learn how to implement it into the pedal. Have a great weekend sir!

That is the best part about the pedal, its flexibility! If you think of something you want it to do, there is usually a way to do it, just need to get creative sometimes.

You are so right on that one. Gonna be a fun ride :slight_smile: