Importing single songs always adds "Song/" before title?

I have several single songs I am trying to import into an existing folder on the BB, however when I use File/Import the song always gets the word SONG/ inserted before the title? Can this be removed or the action stopped?
Also sometimes the song name of the file on the PC, shows as different on the BB…what is the best way to rename so that both have the same filename?


I’ve never run into this myself, but all importing of songs or drumkits into BB Manager needs to be done using BB Manager and NOT with the computer’s file management system. I do see parts of songs in BBM, but not the song title, sometimes shown as “song.” That is a naming decision made by the song’s author. Other than renaming parts after import, I know of no workaround.

Thanks Phil, yeah that is how I do it, using BB Manager :slight_smile: no biggie I can just re-name it, but I did wonder. Your reply confirms it is default operation and nothing to be concerned about haha!

That happened to me once or twice too. I just changed the title.