Importing Song to New File


When I try to import a new song into a new folder I get “Missing Effect to Song Mapping Information” and am unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?


I explain this in my 2nd video as a number of people have raised this here, however it is to do with the slash in the name of the song, You need to rename the song, then export it, then reimport it.


I did that. The new song file shows up on mt SD card while in the computer and works fine. The problem is thye new song file is not showing on my BB when I insert the card into it.


Have you synchronized the project?


No, please enlighten me!


My 2nd tutorial video explains the process. There is also a BeatBuddy manager tutorial sticky which explains this and more.


Thank you. I still don’t see where it discusses syncing?


Every change you make has to be saved and synchronized.

Synchronizing: Import-Export >> Synchronize Project