Importing Songs

I have had my Beat Buddy since they first shipped but am now just getting around to wanting to add songs I bought at the Beat Buddy Store.

Is there a way to just put the songs I want on the Beat Buddy while keeping the original drum sets on it.

Or do I need to get a different SD card to load songs on and just change the card out when I need to.

Totally new to trying to use the Beat Buddy Manager


You can keep your original card. You do need to use Beat Buddy manager. Select a song folder with any open slot. Example, click on"songs". Click on >Rock. The big window on the left will fill with the pre-installed rock beats. To bring a song into this folder, from the top menu bar, under file, select Import>, then >song. Navigate to the song you want to add to beat buddy and select it. It should then be added to the list of songs in the big window. If the song requires a drumkit you don’t have, the same process is used for importing drumkits. except under import you’ll select “drumset.”

And you might want to update your firmware and beat buddy manger program before doing any of this.

Thanks Phil, I will give that a try this week. Yes, I did update my firmware and have the latest Beat Buddy Manager.