Importing yurt rock drum loops into Aeros Gold Edition

How can I import a Yurt Rock audio drum loop into my Aeros Gold Looper and create a new song?

Load your audio as backing tracks: Aeros Firmware 5.0.x

6. Backing Tracks

You can now load backing tracks into the Aeros!

Once you boot the Aeros with the SD card inserted for the first time, it will reformat the empty SD card or ask you to convert existing files (Read Bottom of Forum Post First)

Once formatted, the SD card will have a Backing Tracks folder which you can drag and drop your files into.

The Aeros will only support .wav (PCM) files that are 44.1kHz and 24bit. They can be mono or stereo.

To import a file, you must be in an empty song or create an empty song that is in freeform mode (we plan to make backing tracks compatible with Autoquantize and Quantize mode soon). If you wish to import multiple tracks per part, you must turn Sync Tracks off. If you wish to have sync tracks on, you can only import one backing track per part into the first track.

Backing tracks must be loaded sequentially starting with the first track.

We may expand the possibilities for file formats and sync rules later but this is a great first step.

How to Load a Backing Track:

  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the song
  2. Make sure you have Song Grid Mode set to freeform. If you want to import multiple backing tracks per part, you must have the Sync Tracks setting off.
  • Note: You cannot change the Song Grid Mode to freeform and then load the file, first change the setting, hit save, open the edit screen again, and then start importing tracks.
  1. Scroll down and select Load File with your finger on the touchscreen
  2. Choose a file from the list using the touchscreen. This can also be done using the wheel to change the selection and the right Aeros button to choose an option.
  3. Once selected, you will return to the song settings screen, click Save in the top right to load in the backing track.
  4. Repeat steps 3-5 to load multiple backing tracks into a song part

Note: If you want to import multiple backing tracks per part, you must have the Sync Tracks setting off before you start importing.

Aeros beta 5.2.0 allows you to also import into a quantized song file, allowing you to make the most of MIDI sync

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