Impossible to see/hard to scroll to onscreen selection of settings and other

Two related issues make this a problem:

  • The gray box that indicates “selected” is hard to see … especially when th Aeros is on the floor on an angled pedal board (viewing angle issue that may vary across batches of display panels). Recommendation: Add a high contrast element to indicate selected (bright (white?) border box, bright line/arrow/icon on the left side, etc.)
  • The position of the selected item is not always in the center. Combining scroll and selection hs some tradeoffs. I think solving #1 above may be enough, but consider this behavior as well.

Noted! We may explore skins in general esp for higher visibility

The second request may be doable as well!

Thank you for reporting and your feedback, I will tag as #under-consideration while we consider how we may tackle this

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