improvement on tap tempo with aux pedal

Hi guys,
I just configured my pedal to accept tap tempo from outboard pedal 1. At first, it didn’t work properly. When I tapped with the left pedal, I had to then long press the main pedal to take me out of the tap tempo setting. That defeats my purpose!
Before it would work properly, I had to also configure the main pedal to start on press, instead of on release.

I would like to suggest that this be an automatic configuration change, when ever anyone chooses to configure an outboard pedal to do tap tempo, it should automatically configure the main pedal to start on press, at least until there is more granularity in the setting. It would be nice to be able to still use the “long press to stop” feature when I’ve got the BB paused, but, for now I think we’re ok until the next firmware update.