Improving bass guitar notes within BB

I know there have been discussions about updating the firmware so that the BB would recognise and process midi ‘off’ notes (I think I have the correct terminology). This enhancement would allow for better sounding bass parts by preventing all bass notes from playing until the next note is encountered as is currently the case. Does anyone know if this enhancement made it into the latest release or is it still pending? Thanks.

I believe this has been fully implemented in the latest firmware. It’s already in the BBManager

Great, thanks.

I would also like to start using the midi ‘off’ notes option but can not seem to find it in BBManager.

Is there anyone familiar with this that can point me in the right direction?


It’s not an option. It’s built in to the BBM and requires a) BBM 1.6.4 and firmware 1.8.5; b) drum sets available in Resources with NP or Mod prefixes in the drum set name ((the exception is the premium content drum sets); and c) songs that have been put together in 1.6.4 (all of Phil’s and my songs have been updated to use the note-off capability in BBM–there are others I’m sure). Although it works fine with 1.6.4, IMO, it seems to work better with 1.6.6 and 1.9.7.

So If I’m understanding correctly I just need to import Drum set with NP or MOD and then I will be able to put together beats using those drum sets .to use note-off function?

Correct. If you need help or have more questions, holler.

Thank You - I do have some questions. Very new to the Note off thing. I downloaded Mod Rock Bass drums . Now when I set up some Bass midi notes will the note ring out or dos it turn off right after its played or is there more to it then just that?

Seems the NP Sets are not available anymore.

Probably not looking in the right place?:rolleyes:

thats the place im looking and most of those Download now links for NP Sets are not working. the one that dos work comes up with a Zip file called Moondance

Thats the error I get when trying to download the NP Brushes set

You’re in the ballpark.

A Note On message is sent when a note is depressed (start).
The Note Off message is sent when a note is released (ended).

The note-offs capability in the BBM makes sure that the bass notes don’t get “stuck” (or ring beyond their intended duration) and that they don’t cut off prematurely, sound clicky or distorted.

The best example I can provide is that when I transcribe midi from a source song, I preview just the bass track on the source file and then compare it to what I bring in to the BBM. I listen to what the midi source’s author intended and then to the bass that I just transcribed. I make sure that the bass notes ring only for the duration for which they were sequenced by the midi source’s author and that they don’t get cut off.

A very strong caveat: DO NOT USE THE MIDI EDITOR TO CHANGE OR PROGRAM BASS OR DRUM NOTES. There is a bug that messes with the note-off function in the BBM and once you’ve applied changes in the Midi Editor, the song will no longer play as intended. Use a DAW to program and edit your midi files before you bring them into the BBM. You can use the Midi Editor to

Thanks for clarifying.
That’s not good. It could be @Phil removed his files from Dropbox.

I understand Thank you for the clarification.

If you look at the notes in the drumkit, you’ll see that some time ago i added “percussion/non-percussion” to the instruments. I couldnt just honor all note offs because the lengths of the notes in all the original midi is too short, so all the regular stuff was very clipped. In essence, the note-offs are only honored if the Instrument is marked non-percussion.

The original beatbuddy completely ignored noteoffs and it’s partner zero velocity note ons. Imports, exports, editing all had to be updated, and I think the midi editor fix hasn’t even been released (and may never). I did add some code to detect if you were importing a midi without note-offs it would add them back.

So Say With the drum Kit - rock with bass - Should I make sure the Bass note instruments in that kits all say Non Percussion?

That kit is posted in Resources/Drum sets along with Rock 2 Bass. It uses Mod as a prefix instead of NP. The bass notes have already been changed to Choke Group 0 am to Non-Percussion.