In Hell I'll Be in Good Company

I am not sure if this is a country beat or not - I think it is. Is there a file that has the bass and finger snaps for this song? Any suggestions how to make one.

The song is more along the lines of bluegrass.

I don’t think there is a kit with finger snaps however, I can get close to it using castanets. I’ll work it up and post it as a one-press bass song this week.

Persist - thank you very much. That would be over the top. If you did not respond I was thinking that it might be a good candidate for a “roll your own” type of song - what do you think? Would you think that to be something that I could set as a goal - to make a OPB for this song? I could see if I come close to your all-star work!!

Thank you for the very kind words. I will post the song on Thursday.

The song’s bass line is simple enough that it probably would not be too hard for a first effort.

Probably no need to customize a kit for the finger snaps as any extended standard kit could work, i.e., Standard Pro or any of Phil_Flood’s substitute for standard pro kits. Just experiment with the sound of the castanets, shaker or tambourine either individually or in any combination.

Will do. You agree that the instructions for the “roll your own” is the correct approach. Thanks