This is a corrected (and better IMHO) of my previous post (a long time ago). Thanks to Phil Flood’s STAX Harpsichord kit, the solo is intact and correct. Also, thanks to Geoff Carter at MIDKAR for the excellent MIDI with harpsichord.

BTW, if you’re interested, that harpsichord isn’t a harpsichord. Its George Martin’s “toy piano” technique. The solo is first played an recorded on a regular piano at 1/2 speed. Its then played back and re-recorded at full speed, giving that effect/ Its used on MANY Beatles’ tunes.

TAB includes all riffs etc AND accurate chords.

IN MY (62.1 KB)


Phil - Had not heard of MIDKAR but as is so often the case your added detail is a gift. I looked in to it - like opening an encyclopedia. Start anywhere and read the notes let alone the MIDI files.