In My Time of Livin' - Original instrumental with a nod to Led Zep

This song went through a lot of changes during the creative process. There was a rhythm guitar track and a synth lead track that I just didn’t care for, so they were taken out and a slide guitar track took their place. There is still a synth track in it, however. I recorded a couple of drone A notes on a looper and let it play throughout the song. I had my Les Paul tuned to open A tuning for the slide work (that was so it would properly mesh with the drone loop). I used the BeatBuddy song, Rock 14 - Jungle Toms for the drum track. Since I was playing slide in open A tuning, I kept reverting to pieces of In My Time of Dying, so I eventually switched it around a bit and then just embraced the influence. Hence, the similar title. If I had started out with this idea, I’d have used a much slower BPM setting, but the drum and bass tracks had already been recorded.