In need of SD card help

I haven’t used my beatbuddy in a very long time.
My SD card was faulty
I downloaded the SD card back up, along with firmware up date
I was able to down load my library content.(drum kits and songs)
It appears that my library content is on the card/ pedal but nothing else, like default content that should be there.
My firm ware is up to date
If anyone can help would be much appreciated

  1. Make sure your SD card is NOT the type of card used for video; it should be 32Gb, Class 10 SDHC. Your initial post (since deleted) says it’s 32Gb, FAT32.
  2. Check that your card is not locked (small slide shutter on side of the card.
  3. Use your computer SD slot reader—not the USB cable method.
  4. Make your custom content easily available.
  5. Insert SD card in computer and delete contents (do not format the card); empty Trash or Recycle Bin.
  6. Select the contents of the Default Content 2.1 Download SD Card backup v2.1 folder and copy to your SD card.
  7. Launch the BBM - File - Open Project (navigate to your SD card)—it should open and prompt you to save your project to your computer bbworkspace; accept the prompts (you might want to give your project a new name).
  8. Import your custom content (song folder and drum sets)
  9. Eject card and test in your pedal (pedal power off, insert card and power on)
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THANKS… got it working great

Ok. I got every thing loaded into Beatbuddy manager, but I will not let me synchronize

Mac or PC? If Mac, the Synchronize Project to SD card is greyed out—a known bug. You’ll have to use Export - Project to SD card.

If on a PC, Export - Project to SD card and thereafter, you should be able to synchronize from the BBM.

Never mind… lol got it to work and sync