In short, you constantly testing

In short, you constantly testing you progress and you are better and stronger than the previous workout.
True Cambogia
It is a slow progress, but steady. Do not give breaks to stumble on your progress, as up or down stairs, but your progress will be more fluid, like a ramp.

Here’s an example: Suppose that in an 8-week plan to have planned our squats 3 sets of 6 reps with an initial weight of 60 kg:

Week 1: 6 / 6/6 x 60 Kg.
Week 2: 7 / 6/6 x 60 Kg.
Week 3: 7 / 7/6 x 60 Kg.
Week 4: 7 / 7/7 x 60 Kg.

Every week a repeat is added in each series. Then, after each set has an extra repetition, the system resets itself, but more weight:

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