"Includes 200 songs" - What songs?

Is there a listing of the 200 songs included? Are these the basic beats on the SD card we received, or will there be actual songs with song names in the manager software?

“Blues 1” is not a song. It’s a conglomeration of two beats and some fills.


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I think it is just a misleading use of the term ‘song’. The more correct phrase would be “Includes 200 BeatBuddy songs”, in that ‘BeatBuddy song’ mean exactly that - a determinate set of parts each consisting of main loop plus an optional set of fills with one optional transition fill plus overall optional intro and an optional outro part.

As for the complete listing of included BeatBuddy songs, you can refer to http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=47.

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If you are correct, “misleading” is appropriate. I expected 200 actual songs either in the box, in the software or downloadable along with more generic beats. In fact, this is what it says on the indiegogo page: “We are including general beats from a wide range of styles as well as the beats to specific songs.” Where are the “beats to specific songs?” What are the specific songs?

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Includes 200 songs (that you control!) in a wide variety of genres and 10 different drum kits those songs can be played on. You’ll be sure to find your beat.

What this basically means is that there are 200 beat buddy songs. A BeatBuddy song comprises of an intro, a part A, 3 fills, a transition, part b and an outro. There actually appears to be more than 200, on this forum there is a beat collaboration page which lists them all, others people are giving suggestions on which BB songs (beats) fit with actual songs. I would not want direct copies of songs in the BB, I want generic beats that can be used in lots of different ways. The BB is a drum machine at heart and all drum machines have preset generic beats so you need to listen to them and decide what fits with what song. However the oldies section has 60s and Motown style beats.

Daefecator: I’m just asking for what we were promised and what was specifically advertised. More than anything I want the Mac software so I can begin using this pedal for gigs. If the beats for specific songs come later, so be it. I just want to be able to use it. If beats to specific songs are already in the pedal, I’d like to know so I can try them out at home.

If they’re not going to be provided, someone should say so.

Funny thing is that I don’t think anyone received their copy of David’s CD, but I haven’t seen anyone complaining about that. Lol. :-)))

I did actually mention that a couple of days ago: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=98&p=921#p921



As far as I can understand by “song” they each mean sequenced unit as used in a song, ie start, fills between verses and end, orjust left on continuous jamming mode - when the manager is finally available all the 200 “songs” should be able to be altered into our own correspondingly entitled pieces. I think the manager should have been available earlier but the discounted saving on the full price of $350 will compensate for that a little longer!

I’ll repeat this:

From the indiegogo page:

“We are including general beats from a wide range of styles as well as the beats to specific songs.

Where are the “beats to specific songs?” What are the specific songs?

Apparently they’re not here, but most are making due, using their creativity to fit the currently available song templates to their music.
that’s the beauty of the BeatBuddy. Slow down the tempo, skip the intro, pause the beat for breaks, and you’ve made the song yours.
that way blues1 can be used to play several songs.

so, no specific songs yet … no problem. Nobody’s returning their BeatBuddys I don’t think. :slight_smile: if you bought the BeatBuddy just to have 200 specific songs you could have bought the karaoke tracks with the entire band, not just the drummer, on Amazon.

Wonder if my post will get deleted.

It’s not a matter of making due. It’s getting what we were promised.
I shouldn’t have to spend hours figuring out what existing beat goes with songs on my list, make up charts matching them up, bending down to select the needed folder and “song” between every song I play while on stage etc… I should be able to arrange everything nicely as I need it in a folder using the BB software.
I am not going to learn how to use some midi editor when the “included” software should be capable of doing what you describe. But it should also include the beats to actual songs as advertised.

We’ve established that they used the word “songs” in the advertisement. Whether they meant actual “songs,” we don’t know, but what if they did, and what if those 200 songs were all in the public domain, things like “Oh my Darling Clementine” and “the Star Spangled Banner” and “Silent Night,” which wouldn’t have required paying royalties. Would this have been any better?
or, suppose you play only metal hits from the 90’s and all the songs included were classic rock tunes. Or, suppose their drum programmer really liked country and countrified everything, or maybe he was a speed freak and every tune was sped up 5 or 10 bpm. Do you see where I’m going here? How do you know you would have been happy with the 200 they might have included?

Maybe they made a mistake in their marketing language. Read the rest of this board and you’ll see that things aren’t perfedt. I just read a note about the headphone volume disk falling off, and there are a few isolated incidents of people saying their machine is “unregistered.” But over all, people are happy.
I for one am happy to get 200, or even 20 usable rock-solid grooves instead of 200 of someone elses favorite songs maybe none of which might be the songs I perform.

So, yeah, they didn’t include a named and recognizable drum groove to Mary Had A Little Lam, or “Come On Feel The Noise” or “Margaritaville.” So return yours. Sorry you’re not as happy as everyone else.

Whether they meant actual “songs,” we don’t know.

It appears you have a reading comprehension problem. They said the BB comes beats and actual songs. So, yes we know.

Just because you’re ok with the failure to provide everything promised is no reason to attack me like you have.

I can’t decide whether to return the pedal until they deliver the software because I can’t gig with the pedal without it. I like the pedal, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for what was advertised. Notice the company hasn’t responded. Maybe the included beats do go with actual songs. Maybe they will come with the software. I’d like to hear from the company on this.

I’m in the same boat. I just purchased the beatbuddy and the footswitch expecting actual drum tracks to SONGS. I thought something was wrong with mine but apparently not.

If I have to spend hours trying to match and save beats to the songs I want I may as well get a drum machine and make them myself.

@bambam15 These may be helpful:

There’s also a pretty good selection of very well done actual songs in the premium bundle. You can get them for 0.99 cents, and there’s a discount per song if you buy more than 10. Between the two I was able to get about 15 songs performance ready over the course of about a month.

There’s also a very robust community here that that posts their own creations, so you can find TONS of material to use if you look around a bit!

Hope this helps!

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Appreciate that! I will look into that if I don’t send it back.

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