Independent mono outputs with a mono input.?

Hi I’ve just received my aeros and was hoping that, like the infinity looper, a single mono input (guitar) could be routed to 2 independent outputs. As in track 1 goes to output L, track 2 goes to output right. Track 1 and 2 are from input L. So its acting like a switch pedal.

Am I right in thinking you must have both L+R inputs active to split the signal?

(taken from a relative question)
Yes, the Aeros can have up to 6 parallel tracks, each with a different length. You can plug a guitar into the left input and put the left output to your guitar amp and put the bass into the right input and put the right output to your bass amp.

Or do indeed an AB switch to split the guitar into 2 inputs?

Many thanks in advance.

Hey there, currently the Aeros works as follows:

It records 4 “mono” signals that are currently being recorded and played back as a stereo ‘Loop Playback’ track and played back live in a separate stereo track.

You can currently route the Aux and Main Ins as coupled pairs to either one of these Stereo “tracks”, remember if you don’t send it to Loop Playback, that sound won’t be recorded!

If you set the Aeros to record and playback in stereo (2 settings, one in song settings one in device settings), the signals will be recorded to the Loop Playback stream in the independent L/R channels and then the L/R channels will be played back independently to set outputs.

There is currently no independent track routing supported, but requests have been made to look into it and theoretically it is possible and hardware supports it from what Dev and the Product Designer have said. Stay tuned for better routing capabilities!