individual drum parts library??

greetings-- my question is this… can i go to a folder and audition parts for individual drums-then build a beat by compiling the various drum parts to make a “new song”? (using the BBM) as an example, Tom Petty’s here comes my girl- starting with the kick --without having to listen to every song in the BB to find the correct pattern(if it exists) can i go to a Kick folder and listen to all the kick patterns until i find the correct one and then find a reference as to what song folder I would find it in–and if the rest of the song fits, put it in my new folder as “here comes my girl” :?:

Drum patterns are grouped by drum sets, not by MIDI notes (or instruments), so what you want might not be as easy to do. Simply choose any song that has the note you want to compare, and play it continuously while changing the drum set. It will help you to find the drumset you are looking for.

While individual notes might matter, the overall sounding can be much more important.

I understand the kits to be more concerning the sound of the kit but the same patterns apply in each song-only the sound type changes. what i am looking for is to isolate and preview the given drum(in this case the kick) until the correct pattern can be found then either use the song the pattern exists in or build a song from parts of many individual drum patterns–is this a possibility for the BB/BBM? :?:

Simple answer Is no. However there aren’t really that many beats to try to require this. You will never find something that fits perfectly, just something that may work. If you want something that fits perfectly you will need to make your own midi loops or find one that someone else has made. You can audition those midi files in media player or some other software. In many DAW’s you can import all the midi files and solo the kick drum until you find what you are looking for. Bear in mind to check the drum mapping of the midi files - as you may need to use another program to correct them, otherwise you may not hear some sounds or the wrong ones.

It would be nice to have a song builder feature in the manager software where you could listen easily to the intros, one after other and then pick one that works. Then move into the first main beat, listen to those one by one and pick the next one and so on. Kind of like an old school Chinese menu where you pick one from column A, one from column B etc… Until you have the meal.

This is easy to accomplish. Did it all ready. Go into the Midi section where all the Drumsets are and open each one and then copy all of them to a common “File”. You can then pick and choose when you click on the tab in a song to pull them in. Be careful because it will allow you to download a swing beat into a rock song and the timing will be off. Pick and choose carefully. You can move the “Beats” and the “Fills” in any order and with the “Beat Builder”, you can have all kinds of fun creating “Whatever”. I wanted to create a good “Swing Beat” and did so using this “Little Trick”. It is “Time Consuming” but is loads of fun.
Use the Beat Builder to edit out extra beats that aren’t needed or conflict. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

“Time Consuming” but is loads of fun.

In answer to a previous request you made about someone who could create a drum track for the song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, there is an answer. You can actually create it yourself in “Beat Builder”. By the way, I love this song too.
Take a smooth Rhythm (preferably Brushes Pattern which is softer) and find a Drum Pattern that sounds close. Open “Beat Builder” if you have it, and “Beat Manager” at the same time where you can “Click” on them when you want them up. Left click on the main “Beat” window in “Beat Manager” to find the file it is in then open the “Beat Builder” to that same file. The Drum Track will come up there. You can edit everything in there. Be sure you set the “Beats Per Minute” to where you want it and make sure it is the same Tempo in the “Beat Manager”. This is important. I would first look at the “Bass Beat” at the bottom and arrange the beats where you want them. You need to pay close attention to the volume of each of the notes and be aware of the settings of the other notes as well. A nice starting place is about 115 for the Bass Beat. The Snare or Cross Stick should be a little quieter somewhere around 90 and adjust it from there. To “Put In” or “Take Out” a note, just use the “Mouse Arrow” to point to the place where you want to go and push the “Space Bar”. If a note was there, it will be removed or if it is blank, there will be a note placed there at the volume you have set in the box at the top of the screen. This is all “Tedious” but worth the effort. Make sure to “Save” as you go along but add an “A” or “B” at the end of the number and don’t Save as the original. When you’re done editing and Saving, go back to the “Beat Manager” and click on the “Beat Window” again to open the file. Look for the new one you created and “Open” it. The new entry will be pulled into the window and you can click on it to hear what you’ve created. The Drum Sounds won’t be the same but will be close. Maybe one day they will fix that. Of course, you won’t like what you hear the first time and you’ll have to go back in and change things and then try them again. It’s “Painfull” the first few times around but gratifying when you finally get it right, and you will. Just stay with it. Hope this gives you a liitle insight to know what you’re capable of. Just put your mind to it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through this Forum. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker. P.S. If you haven’t downloaded the “Beat Builder”, do it now, You will eventually use it.

Thanks for this, I prefer using something with a bit more ‘power’ and versatility but then it gets more complicated, this is a great quick way of altering drum patterns :slight_smile: