Individual input sources to individual tracks

The Aeros has 2 inputs: “main in” and “aux in” that can be selected as recording sources.

Would it be possible to route them individually? For example in 2x2, the “main in” will always be recorded to track 1, and the “aux in” to track 2?

What I envision is that I sing and play guitar at the same time, but my voice and the guitar are recorded to individual tracks. Is that even possible within the architecture of the Aeros?

Hey there, unfortunately, this is not possible on the Aeros

But if you are recording two mono sources to two separate channels or speakers, you will get a similar behavior where L/R are split. Just record the song with the ‘Record’ song setting set to Stereo and the Routing ‘Playback’ setting to stereo as well.

Then L will only be heard on L and R only on R. Both instruments will record to all tracks, however.

Thanks for the reply. So the only solution would be to have two separate loopers then. Anyways, thanks for clarifying it.

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I was just about to purchase Aeros until I read this. Very sad.
I’ve grown frustrated with my RC-500 but this input routing issue is an absolute deal breaker.
I need to record the guitar loop while singing, so I can solo over it after, or add more parts - but I also want the option to record a vocal part into the looper.

Or perhaps I didn’t understand your response - I’m still just exploring Aeros so I haven’t read the entire manual yet.

This seems like a pretty common use-case. I’m very surprised Aeros doesn’t have this feature. If/when it does, I’m a buyer.

There is a work-around, although it’s not all that convenient. You can do the signal routing outside the Aeros with an A/B type stompbox. Then you’d need to have a little mixer post-Aeros to mix the un-looped vocal back in.

The extra boxes and cables would kind of defeat the small form factor of the Aeros, but as a last resort, it could work.

Thanks Tom. Yes, I know that there are AB mic switchers (although not as many as one would think) like from an Aussie company called Loopi, but every extra connection means more space, and more cables, more cost etc.
I may decide it’s worth it.

Firmware 5.1 apparently lets you change routing settings during recording/playback via MIDI. See the 5.1 beta thread for details.

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5.2.0 allows controlling input levels, even with an EXP pedal, which would serve as a possible workaround to this issue!

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