infiniti and the Beatbuddy Midi cable

I got my beatbuddy and it is fantastic. There is one big problem, though. I need to Midi synch the beatbuddy to the Infiniti and I ordered the Midi cable to do just that. Unfortunately, the cable does not fit the Infiniti looper. Not only is it slightly too big, but it is does not seem to be made (even if it fit) to connect to the input. Please help. Thank you.

You’ll need a MIDI split cable + usual MIDI cable to do that.

I have that one. I ordered it with my pedal and it came with the pedal. That’s the one that doesn’t fit. Anyone else find this?

It must be that there is a standard midi cable that connects from the Infiniti to the Beatbuddy split cable. I was assuming the Beatbuddy cable connected to the Infiniti directly.

I’m heading out now to find a standard midi cable.

I also understood from the ad copy that the BB midi cable would hook up directly to my Boomerang looper. I’m not too pleased that I have to buy more cables to make it work. If the BB cable is simply an adapter cable, it should be advertised as such and really should be included with the pedal. Remember, most of us guitar players are not midi savvy.

Although I haven’t received my Midi split cable yet; I’m also a bit confused why they terminate in a female plug, rather than a male - your looper is going to be right next to it … ? That would cater for the majority, then an extension male -> female cable could be bought by the exceptions …



That bugs me a lot as well. The main reason is probably that this split cable is very short, and male-male MIDI cable is pretty much a standard and is much easier to find than male-female (at least in my local shops).

Sure, understand that, and I usually roll my own cables so I’m set - but for an average user a male termination would mean it could be used out of the box with a looper. And I did mention those looking for a longer M -> F cable would be a minority (possibly with the looper on the other side of their pedalboard).

Anyway - it is what it is …



Oh, this is an annoying news. I ordered the MIDI sync cable too in order to connect it directly to the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I was already struggling to understand which MIDI cable I needed before ordering the BB cable. And you say this won’t be enough ? :frowning: Or just that the cable is not long enough ?

Indeed, guitarists are not MIDI experts :slight_smile:

You will need a “usual MIDI male-male cable”. Just pronounce this as a spell in your local instruments shop, and you will definitely be supplied with exactly what you need.

Note, that the shorter cable you buy, the better overall MIDI sync results will be! I bought 3 meter long, and it is causing slight delays. Everything works fine though (you can check my video in a signature).

It’s both too short to reach the midi jacks on my Boomerang and terminates in female, rather than male, jacks. I got a short midi cable from monoprice. I hope I don’t need 2 to make this work.

Just came here to search my prob, and found it here, wow I thought after I bought the midi cable that I’d be good to go, but just another guitar dude that has to learn the hard way. Thanks for the input, off to buy a cable

That’s not possible. Length of cable does not affect latency.

Ok I got the cables together but don’t know how to route everything ugh, I have a amp, a GP-10 guitar effects, and Infinity looper, BB how do I use this MIDI thing with my setup ?

AFAIK the GP-10 has no Midi In/Out (just the GK input, which is for the GK-“Midi”-pickup), I´m in doupt your amp has… So just go from BB´s Midi Out to Infinity´s Midi in.

I bought this cable but unfortunately my infinity looper also has female connector so unless I buy a gender changer this ain’t gonna work. Any idea if I can get a male breakout cable from BB?

Use a midi 5 pin male to male cable. Guitar Center has them or you can order them online from Amazon or your favorite online music store.

I don’t want a gender changer if that’s what you mean. Could you please send a link to that cable? I see that the BB side has 6 pins but smaller in diameter than the ones on the other side which are female connectors with only 5 pins. If I can find male connectors on the other side I am set but unable to find that in the market.

Sorry, don’t have a link :frowning: Pretty sure I bought mine from SweetWater though.

Any standard male-to-male MIDI cable will work, such as this one: