Infinity Issues

Just picked up a Beat Buddy and Infinity Looper. Beat Buddy is updated and working flawlessly. Im having some issues with the Ininity though. Searching for solutions on the intenet provides few results. The few results i did get led me here, so hopefully this is an appropriate place to ask my questions.

  1. I cannot get the firmware to update. I have downloaded the latest firmware, placed it on the looper and followed the instructions which state to power off the looper and then power it on while holding down the input split button. I am supposed to get an "F’ on the display that indicates the firmware is being updated, but I do not get an ‘F’’ and the firmware does not update.

  2. I am unable to launch the pc application. I recieve a message that the looper is not detected and that if the firmware was recently updated i need to follow the proceedure for formatting the sd card. I am able to format the sd card successfully; however, when i reconnect the ubit to my pc and try to launch the application, i continue to get the message stating a looper cannot be detected.

Other than that, the looper seems to function just fine. Its not starting a loop automatically, after the BB intro; however, i believe i just need to play with the midi settings in the app, but unfortunately i am unable to access the app to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bottom of p50 seems to indicate that your f/w is already up to date. Do you know what version you presently have on your Infinity?

Also, when you plug your looper into your USB port, can you see the USB as a storage device on your computer? If so, can you get the info on the SD card to determine how it was formatted? It should be MS-DOS FAT32.

You may have to give the app Admin permission and especially if you are using a newer version of Windows.

I do see on page 50 that if you dont get an ‘f’ it means you already have that version on your device and it is displaying 218, so i must have the latest version now. Seems kind of strange since the version i removed was from 2015 and i never recieved the ‘f’ message, but it does seem to be resolved.

Running the app with admin privileges allowed it to open up and work!

The device is formatted in FAT; do i need to reformat considering appears to be functioning correctly?

Thank you so much for you assistance; super grateful.

Now i just need to play with the settings and try and get the looper to start automatically after the BB intro.

No need. You’re good to go and glad to hear you’ve got it working.

I think Pigtronix’s last f/w update for the v1 Infinity were posted in 2015.