Initial trial of MM

At this stage, without clear instructions on syntax and programming steps, this device is not very useful.
Ok if you want to just use the factory setup. But I do not have time to “trial and error” what combinations (as in combinations on one switch for example) work, what does and what does not need to toggle (and indeed what toggle actually means in MM speak). And it takes around 35-45 seconds to program each change of setup to the device. Then you need to go in and out of custom mode to update the changes - gets very wearing after a while

I can get a basic set of single line commands working, easy as…that’s no issue, it’s the more arcane combos I need to figure - for example something as simple as which line gets toggled first top or bottom, or even if that IS a thing?? Do I need to toggle 127 and 0 (or 1,2,3) for fill transitions, plus other commands.

If one could load in the factory set to the editor and go from there that would help greatly, but you cannot even do that, so until some solid documentation is available I will stick with the old double footswitch.


Activating a toggle basically creates a new button set up within the same physical button so it’s like having two buttons in one.

Every button has two physical states, pressed or released. This can be expanded by adding a new digital state by using a toggle. One button action is considered a press and release, so after you make one button action, you can now send a whole new set of commands on press and release on the next button action.

The two lines you see are reflecting the top and bottom line on the MM screens. If you enable toggle, it will allow a new set of commands that show a different text on the screen after each button action.

For example, you name your button setup as

Top line: Part 2
Bottom Line: Transition

then you would add a command that transitions to part 2

Then you enable the toggle and you can now set up a new set of commands to be sent on press and/or release.
Say you name it:

Top Line: Part 1
Bottom Line: Transition

Then you’d send a new single or set of commands on press or release to transition back.

There will be a manual for this out very soon, we apologize for the wait.

The android version of the app can use default modes as a template, this feature will be in iOS soon.

thanks, haha unfortunately the bluetooth does not work on the Samsung tablet…it always times out. Irving knows about this apparently and has some ideas on it but no fixes as yet afaik.

What I’d like to know is how , in the factory set, you get other screens to change with a single press of the start? EG…press BeatBuddy Start and the second screen changes to Previous / Part and the 3rd screen changes to Next Part: press the Accent Hits switch and the second screen (bottom) changes to Snare and the 3rd changes to Kick,

You set that on the button setup page where it says “Redirect” this will open up a drop down that allows you to send the MM to that page then the button is pressed. Just make sure you have a way to redirect back to the original page!

ahh thanks - iirc that stays greyed out in the iOS app, but I’ll have another look…

EDIT: Yes that stays greyed out and cannot be accessed (iOS app)