Input volume with Aeros and guitar

I have my guitar plugged into my Pedalboard and the Aeros goes from the end of my signal chain straight into my amp. The problem is that the Input volume level from the Guitar is too high and I cannot see how to lower it safe for the volume knob on my guitar, which also alters the tone. Is there another way?

Hey there,

We are currently working on the ability to control the input levels on the Aeros but unfortunately at this time there’s nothing on the Aeros that can achieve what you want. I would highly suggest incorporating a volume pedal that can be in between the pedal and the Aeros

This way you can control the level going into the Aeros without sacrificing the tone

Once we add the input level we are also expanding the EXP pedal capabilities so you may find good use for that volume pedal (most volume pedals work great as a EXP Pedal) soon too!

Thanks for the question and we hope to have good news soon!

Thank you for your swift reply. I don’t have a volume pedal but I can use the volume knob on my compressor for that purpose.
This being said I think that the ability to control the input volume on the Aeros would be a real improvement.

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