Inputs to control own track like rc500

Ie one input goes to track one
One input goes to track two and one to track 3 so if you are laying down guitar chords and singing at the same time only the guitar will record or only the voice will record but not both

It says that it uses Left/Right channel independently so you can’t do track 3 independently… it doesn’t have a track 3.

You are using a mixer so you could record what you want from the mixer.

I can’t find the post just now I’m afraid, but @BrennanSingularSound has said they’d like to have this feature… But it’s not priority at the moment.

no i do believe he said he wanted the outputs to output different tracks not the inputs

yes thanks for the clarification about the amount of tracks you are of course right, the problem with the mixer is that it is not foot controlled like the looper also it is for live performance so I want to be playing guitar and singing at the same time to save time and record only one, studio work is not the issue here

Potentially you could turn off aux in recording and put mic through that then you could sing over a loop getting recorded without recording voice or have two mics and live one goes six and loop mic goes to mixer through main in