Inputting a mic will need a mic preamp - which one is best cheapest and portable?

is this mixer usb powered? ie with a powerbank?

Have you actually done this yourself or do you have a link to somewhere that can verify this? The Julian Krause review does not mention ‘standalone’ powering in the video I watched.
A standalone powering of the UMC202HD may work, but it might not work as well unless someone has proven that it will.
I have an older Tascam US144mkII that I’ve tried standalone powering and it does not work. Some of its LED’s illuminate, but nothing of the audio functions.

Yes I own it now

Good to know :+1:

ive decided to buy the ag06

I think a mixer plus preamp dedicated or in the form of an audio interface to boost signal into looper is best way and a headphone amp too

I just purchased the Cioks DC7 for exactly this purpose, BB, Aeros looper and Midi Maestro, excited to try it out, it just arrived.

Interesting convo here . I got the rolls . I like it . I put it through the right input of a stereo guitar pedal and in to the right input of the Aeros .
The level is good cos I can adjust it on the rolls . It’s turned relatively low

I do have a problem with the input level of my acoustic guitar going in to the left input. It clips . I find it very sensitive at line level . I run my acoustic through a series of pedals . My guitar volume is set very low on the instrument. It really needs to be higher to get good use of the pedal effects but the level going in to the Aeros is high . I need to be able to drive my guitar hotter and have the Aeros input level trimed much lower . There is no input level control on the Aeros . Any suggestions?

There is a coarse input level control (if I remember correctly). You can choose ‘line’ or ‘instrument’ level in the top level settings page. Could it be that your are feeding line level in but have the aeros set to instrument level?

(That said, I think they’ve made a mistake in their design to be honest, the aeros clips very easily on a hot input. If you were using it in front of a guitar amp, then it would be impossible to get it to accept the sort of boosted signals that pedals often provide to amps)

Thanks for quick response … I noted that the input has that option . Instrument is more sensitive but not by much . I am set to line . It’s still too sensitive.

It clips too easily . I can’t use my acoustic guitars that have regular pickups right now only ones that have a volume control set very low . When using pedals one needs to have room to boost . It feels like there is not a lot of headroom. . I need a solution

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I suspect an unusually loud guitar signal, a mis-configuration of Aeros audio input(s) or a defective Aeros. I’d check Aeros configuration and guitar signal level first.

In my experience, the majority of Aeros users are guitarists (at least guitar is one of their instruments.) I didn’t run into any input level issues on my large and varied rig using multiple guitars both solid body, semi-hollow and acoustic. And I don’t recall any other mentions of inability to handle guitar input signal in other posts.

Hey there,

We intend on allowing Input control as supposedly it should be doable. This is not currently the highest priority but we are keen on looking into audio routing soon and so this may be included in that release.

As far as what you could do now, try a cheap volume pedal, just place it right before the Aeros, this will get the sound you want and reduce gain an necessary.

Thank you Brennan . I will try that …I have a volume pedal at the beginning of the chain. I didn’t think of placing it before the Aeros . It should give me more options using other instruments … I will let you know how it goes.
I appreciate your enthusiastic engagement with your customers. It was a factor in my decision to go all in with singular sound . I’m using all your products in the chain and the rolls pre is working well also

Our pleasure! Thanks for your support and contributions to the community!

So I rearranged the board with the volume pedal as the last in the chain before the Aeros . And set the minimum volume on the pedal for when I want to push the pedals with compression and boost .
This has resolved my issue , and will take getting used to . Thankyou for your suggestion !
In a way I am using the volume pedal as an limiter .

I would like to suggest in the future you guys might consider an update for a variable input level on left right and aux in , controlled on the Aeros in the same way as you have set up the out output levels of the individual recorded tracks are adjustable relative to each other


yeah i use a boost pedal though I don’t know why one boost pedal doesn’t need a battery and the other one does but yes they work well

i use mic preamp either ultragain 500 or v3 art tube and then a boost pedal for guitar and then a mixer for the opz line in level

This has been requested!

Hi guys, my first comment on the forum, I hope I’m following the rules…

This topic is exactly what I’ve been looking for! For my pedalboard anything powered by 12v is out of the question - it has to be 9V or or 5V USB powered so I can take it all outdoors (powered by mission engineering 529i). And it has to be as small as possible…

Right now I can’t make a decision between the Yamaha AG06 or the Eventide Mixing Link. I’d like the ability to loop vocals for choruses etc, but most other times time I don’t want the Aeros to pick up the singing while I record instrument loops. With the AG06 I could plug in 2 mics (use one for looping / one for singing), but I’m intrigued about using the Mixing Link to switch the same mic in and out of Aeros. Does anyone know if that would work?

to be fair the ag06 is twice as heavy as a cheap chinese mixer that is also usb that i think also does the trick the eventide I don’t know