Install firmware upgrade version 3.2.0

Hi. Tried to install firmware upgrade version 3.2.0. This would be the second upgrade since I purchased the BeatBuddy. As I did last time I followed as closely as possible the instructions although your instructions apply to P.C. and not Mac which is my brand. I replaced each item in the transfer as I was asked and as I was instructed. Once installed, or apparently installed as the BB screen said, there seemed to be no difference to the operation of the machine and my song library had been reduced to the original which was in the machine when I purchased it plus a few extra files of demo Premium songs. So I returned the SD card to my Mac and exported the saved project to the SD card. I still seem to have no upgrade to the BB and the extra library of which was present seems to have disappeared. I am not the most clever computer geek but your system and its operation continually offers me confusion and resistance. The most help I get is from third party help on Youtube. Please, can you tell me where I am going wrong?

First things first: Make sure your SD card is not locked
Put the card in the pedal
Press and hold the Drum sets and Tempo knobs and then scroll to About to check the firmware version number
If it is not 3.2, download the firmware again and unzip
Put the card back in your Mac
Drag the 5 files from the folder you just unzipped to the top level of your card; accept the prompt to replace the files; eject the card
Power off to your pedal; insert card and plug the power back in
Allow update to complete and then check the firmware version again
If this update works, we’ll tackle the next issue as soon as you let me know how this turns out.

I appreciate you must tell every person who has a problem transferring data to the SD card to check the"Lock" function. As I am the only person handling my SD card I leave it unlocked at all times, at the moment. When I purchased the BeatBuddy there was already a Firmware Upgrade available online. So I tried to upgrade. Your instructions said then, as they do now, “Drag the 5 Files into the SD card window” On that occasion there were only 4 Files in that download. As a result I tried repeatedly to load the upgrade but it kept failing.So I downloaded the Firmware again and then there was 5 files present this time and the upgrade worked.
When upgrading to 3.2.0 yesterday, firstly when I dragged the 5 files into the window it asked if I wanted to replace the existing file once for each of the 5 files. I did so and it did not work and it deleted all of my additional song programming. This morning after receiving you reply to my enquiry I downloaded the firmware again and this time when I dragged the 5 files across it only asked if I wanted to replace only 3 files and the upgrade was successful also my personal song files remained.
I love your product, don’t get me wrong, but the firmware upgrading and BeatBuddy Manager programming is very clunky and unfriendly. I would love to be able to cut and paste during programming. Love your work but time to upgrade BeatBudfdy Manager. Thanks again.