Installing Mellow Beats

I’ve just had the email about the new ‘Mellow Beats’ but the guidance is to install it by erasing and overwriting the SD card. Won’t this overwrite the songs I’ve created in BBM? Would I be better to install the new content into BBM and then resyncing? If so, how do I do that?


Download and unzip the Mellow Beats file.

There should be a file with an extension of .pbf and you use the BBM File - Import - Folder.

Save Project and then Synchronize to your SD card.

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Thx. Got it!

What would be handy is a list of any of the changes so users can also replace updated content without needing to load up the whole package.

There’s a handy suggestion

I have installed the “Metal Beat Collection” and “Mellow Beats for Songwriters” into the BBM. How can i sort them in the “Project Explorer” of the BBM, so that they are in alphabetical order?

You should be able to click hold and drag the folder to the desired position in your list. Unfortunately, there is no automatic sorting available at this time.

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Great…many thanks for help and fast reply!