Instrument not available

Hi. newish to BB and have been downloading some great songs on the forum but my issue is that on many of them once put into bb and I look at the midi editor there is often several that are in red and not available but the have hits or beats next to them. so…
Does that mean that I can’t use that song as I have something missing or
Am I doing something wrong

By the way I have the full everything package installed so all drum sets etc.
Thanks in advance

There are at least two factors at play here:

  1. Whether or not you have the correct kit available in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) that the song identifies with. This can usually be identified by an asterisk in front of the Default Drum Set name. If this is the case, find and download the song, use the BBM File > Import > Drum Set and then activate that drum set.
    Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 7.21.55 AM
  2. It also happens when whomever crafted the song does not adjust the instrument’s notes to match the notes available in the kit. Common examples are the use of drum notes 41 and 47—while they might be available in a MIDI source file and if the user transcribes the song in their DAW (digital audio workstation) with those notes, they will show up as Not Supported in the MIDI Editor.To fix this, it is best to make the corrections using a DAW by moving 41 up 2 semitones to 43 and moving 47 down 2 semitones to 45). Not Supported notes causes another issue where the notes in the MIDI Editor appear misaligned (example, you know the song has bass drum notes 36 but they don’t appear in the MIDI Editor). The way around this is to press Cancel to exit the MIDI Editor and then to reopen it.

The worst case happens when you combine both factors which makes it harder to sort out.

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