Instrument or Line from a pedalboard

I try both , don’t hear a lot off difference !
But what’s the best when output from a pedalboard (Line 6) directly into Aeros?
Is there any danger ?

No danger, I’d imagine the out from Line 6 is meant for guitar amps so it is Instrument Level, but I could be wrong if it’s intention is to be an amp modeler, I’d check out the specs from their manual!

Aeros is selectable line or instrument level input.

HX stomp (and I assume other helix devices) is selectable output level, line or instrument.

Just make sure they match.

That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of headroom in aeros inputs, so be careful not to overload it as you’ll get nasty digital distortion. It doesn’t affect me and my use, but if you were putting it after a pedal board and before amp, that lack of headroom could cause you some serious issues.

For example, a boost pedal’s job is to increase the instrument level significantly, so that when you feed it into your guitar amp, it overdrives the preamp increasing the smooth tube distortion. But if the aeros digitally clips it, you will get both horrible digital distortion and lose the boost effect you were going for.

I suspect the ideal place for aeros in that use case is in the effects loop.


You can choose on the Line 6 amp or Line
It’s on Line to my pedalboard cause I have no amp and put all into the PA

Ok thanks for all the information!