Instruments not supported

Hello, I try to import a midi song in BeatBuddy, but my problem it is that some instruments are not supported by the box. For this song i want to use rock kit but in this song there is a tambourin and in the rock kit no.

Is it possible to add tambourin to play exactly this song?

Thanks for your answers and sorry for english!

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the updated drum kits—the Rock kit 1.1 now has tambourine.

I tweaked your file to move the drums around so you can hear all instruments now. Try importing this song

Hello Persistent and thanks a lot for your help and your treaking.
Generally , there are often differences between the instruments of midifile imported from the Net and the instruments of Beatbuddy. For example the snare drum 40 do not exist in Beatbuddy ( this is n°38), it is similar for the bass drum. I work with Logic pro to treak Midifile and isolate drums track
There is a method to be sure that the song to play by BB is the same as that written on Logic with the same instruments?



Hi, kris. Unfortunately, there isn’t. The pedal doesn’t have enough memory to hold duplicates of some drum instruments such as bass drum (35 vs 36), snare vs rimshot (38 vs 40), and some toms. For this reason, the duplicate drum instruments have been removed. The good news is that by knowing this, you can use your DAW to move those missing drums into the MIDI “positions” that the BeatBuddy does have:

  • 35 (B0) > 36 (C1)
  • 40 (E1) > 38 (D1)
  • 41 (F1) > 43 (G1)
  • 47 (B1) > 45 (A1)
    Most of the songs uploaded to the forum have already been adjusted. It’s only when you are making your own songs that you have to use your DAW to check and then edit the MIDI.

Hope this helps.

it’s allright.
thanks for your quickly help!

see you

Hello persist,

i come back to you for a new advice :

How to slow down the tempo of a drums track at the end of the song?
At the end of this the tempo slows down in the midi file, but not in the BB, it’s normal ?

Thanks agains


The BeatBuddy does not presently allow tempo changes within a song.