Integration BeatBuddy with OnSong - MIDI

Don’t know if this issue was covered in a post before. So, I apologized in advance. If not, here we go.

I’m trying to set up sections in OnSong so each section has the correct Drum Beat / Transition / Fill so they can be played automatically when pressing a Bluetooth device such as AirTurn.

With the Premium Beats, changing from one beat to another beat is done through the Transitions, when I enter in OnSong the instructions for the Transition, the BeatBuddy stays on a loop and it does not goes to next Beat.

You need to send 2 midi commands for a transition.

The BeatBuddy will trigger a transition when a transition message is received. You can select which part to go to, after the transition, by setting the value of the command to the
index of the part you want to jump. The transition will continue playing in a loop until the value is changed to 0.

Try CC#113 value 127, followed by CC#113 value 0. That should work, although you may need a short pause between each CC#113. On MM this is achieved by having 127 set on footswitch press and 0 sent on footswitch release.


Excellent. Let me try. Thanks!