Intense Fills and Transitions Control


If you go through the steps to open a BB drum set, once you get it open you can change the volume of individual drums. I took the standard drum set I lowered the volume on the Toms to -15 and crash cymbals to about -10 to have the overall effect of controlling the intensity of the fills and transitions in the BB songs. Then saved it as STD - lo toms. Then change drum set in a BB song to STD-lo toms to try it. It works fairly well, Try it, it’s easy.


This is really bad and should better go to ASAP!


OK I have a 14 day free trial at

This is the Standard drum set with lower tom volume. The Toms in the Standard set are recorded with little volume variation, so no matter if you have MIDI velocity 110 or 60 on the Toms the volume and tone difference is too minimal.


I believe you are already able to upload drumsets to the forum, or you can simply make a zip archive and upload it.


No. Still getting “The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 15 MiB”. The compressed file is over twice that.


Ah, I am sorry then :frowning: