Interactive Songs with Bass

I’m just learning about the BB, so maybe I just don’t know what to search for. The songs I see with bass are “OPB”, one-press and the song plays.

Are there any ‘interactive’ songs where
loop 1 is the verse bass and drums, loop 2 is the chorus bass and drums, or
loop 1 is the verse / chorus, loop 2 is the bridge

With proper intros and outros, it seems many songs could be fit into this pattern.
This allows a live performance to be different every time… if you have a guest bassoon player that night, he can play an extra solo. If people are dancing or you’re getting to the end of the set, you could just repeat a verse and the chorus as needed… This would be handy, it seems. Has anybody tried this?

Search for “500 songs.”

Some of the songs posted by Guitar_Stu might also meet your criteria

I’ve successfully taken OP songs and made them part based. You can trim out parts as needed with GarageBand, StudioOne, Pro Tools, whatever. Then just make a new song with the parts in the order you want. Usually I need to do this to have extra time to establish loops.