Into aeros looper

Hi everyone​:blush::pray: can i know which sd cards are usable? 32 gb v90 card will work? Thanks

4Gb-32Gb class 10 SDHC. Anything larger than 32Gb will not work.

FAT32 format

I mean which kind of sd card
V10 V20 V30… V90

I got thqt has to be 32 gb and formatted in fat 32 but what about speed compatibility?? Couse the higher is the V RATE fastest is the dialogue with the device… So my question is…
Concerning the “V” factor… which 32 gb sd we can use for a better performance of aeros

SDHC Class 10.

If you want to try a video (V) rated SDHC card let us know how it works.

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