Into the Great Wide Open - OPB

Tom Petty’s Into the Great Wide Open is another song I experimented with a little bit to test out my Reaper skills. I added an introduction to it and have 2 formats - one is just drum and bass while the other has a guitar. Both versions use Phil Flood’s Heisenberg Strat and Hi Organ kit.


Into_the_Great_Wide_Open.sng (15.1 KB)
Into_the_Great_Wide_Open_with_Guitar.sng (21.1 KB)

I get an error when trying to import the song into BB Manager.

Thanks for the heads up - try these…
Into_the_Great_Wide_Open_with_Guitar.sng (21.0 KB)
Into_the_Great_Wide_Open.sng (15.1 KB)

Long story but things don’t always export properly from my BB. Let me know if they work and what you think of them!

They work now, great songs thanks for sharing.