Intro builds into roll snare tom cymbal

Can someone please put up a selection of intro and outros ,things like ritardandos and cliche’ build intro of 4 bars that build.Cheers

About half of my intros are NOT “anna-1 anna-2, anna-3…” and when they’re custom, they are almost never the same as any other custom-built not-a-four-count intro. Are you looking for something specific?

I’m not sure of the technical terms but something along the lines of snare then going around the toms, cymbal , and slow builds.Sort of cliche’ things I guess

Sorry for the delay, not getting notifications: Do you have an example of what you’re looking for?

FWIW, I have intros that run eight bars or more when I need something special leading into the first verse. The intros are great because they don’t run long or short, they are entirely immune to counts and the BB’s calculation algorithms, and in short, they do exactly what you program them to do. Easiest part of the songs to work with in that way.

Anyway, I suspect you know this, but you can use any of the fills as an intro. You might find what you’re looking for there. But give me an example so I understand what you’re after, maybe I can help. Maybe a song on YouTube that does what you’re looking for?


I guess I may just have to write my own or copy paste from BB song packs Ive purchased.Thanks for your time much appreciated

Do you mean something like the beginning to Lakeside Park, by Rush?

Damn, I’m getting old.

yes very nice, great song I’ve never really listened to Rush , this track reminds me of Uriah Heep, but yes that sort of thing for sure

Okay. So any fill called something like “build,” or “simple build” should work for you.

yes indeed ,but something with a few bars like 4 bar build with roll or snare double hit cymbal at end.

Like I said, I have intros that run forever, so I think I understand the need. But I usually need something like that for specific tunes. Do you you have something specific in mind?

Also, are you familiar with programming the old Boss DR drum machines? If you get how that works, you might want to look into something like Reaper, because it has a pretty simple programming interface for building your own MIDI files.

yeh Ive looked into reaper and have it ,I’ve just gotten used to The Beat Buddy editor but its limited in that one cant copy paste you have to put every individual instrument on the beats you want so if you are writing an 8 bar intro you have to put in all the hi hats for each bar instead of just copy paste.Im not sure how to get the kit instruments from BB to Reaper if that makes sense.Anyhoo I will try figure it out Phil has tried to help but it’s not sinking in …I’m a little slow lol.I hate spending heaps time on drum programming

I don’t use the BB kits in reaper, I just set the channel output to the GS MIDI instrument built into Windows and choose Channel 10 for the drumset in the editor. You have to be a bit careful, because the BB drums are not a 1:1 match to the GS standard, but it’s only a couple of instruments (and extra mid-tom, for example) on the standard BB drumsets.

I hate spending heaps of time programming the drums as well, but I hate drums not doing exactkly the right thing even more, so I program.

I’ve also sometimes been known to cheat, and play them in with an old Roland Octapad…