Intro fill bug

Whenever I reload my pedal with songs, I have to reset the main intro (two button access )
to enable the intro fills . I’ve never had to before . Is there some default I’m not understanding?
I’ve reloaded it about 5 times tonight doing some editing …thought I was losing IT !!
I’d hate to not have it function properly @ a gig .
I’ve never noticed this before …anyone else?

Looks like your settings get overwritten every time you sync your project to pedal.

Fortunately, this is cured pretty easily. All you need to do is after you have reloaded your pedal new song, Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal (and select SD card location) to get settings from your pedal to be saved in BBManager. When you are sync’ing project later, your pedal settings will be again overwritten, but this time with your own necessary settings you have imported to BBManager! :slight_smile:

I actually reset it on the pedal (w sd card in) …but it never defaulted to my settings.
Strange days indeed.

Do you synchronise the project or export project to pedal, as Daefecator suggests?

I export project to pedal. always.

Just import project from pedal once after you’ve setup your pedal settings.
Then proceed to exporting as usual.

thanks , I 've done that once, loading all my songs to my laptop…held my breath in anticipation …
worked well :)…(made me back up all my files …just in case) …lol