Intro fill

I am loving my BeatBuddy…!!! Is there an intro fill or fill that is just the standard four drum stick clicks?

Not really there are user beats created search “count in” and you should find it. however if you want the sound do stick hitting each other you will need that sample, otherwise it is just 6 rim shot hits. This is also a feature request but with all things it will take time.

6? Why 6?

Some prefer “1…2…1…2…3…4,” or a two measure count in. :slight_smile:

And some don’t. Why not have a 4 and a 6 to choose between? Not to mention some for other time signatures.

I was thinking of the intro click someone here made, not commenting on the feature request.

I’m the one who made a few “1…2…1…2…3…4” MIDIs. Still interested in the “1…2…3…4” ones?

Yes, once there is manager software for my Mac and it works right.

I’m changing a lot of my intro’s to 1.2 1.2.3. , … personal taste …too many fills,
(then they offer ‘stop all intros’ .(arghh)
I wish (after trying to lower birate wav’s …& shrink midi events …
there could be examples of midi buddy .sng
midi’s with beats. we could all collect to make ‘the right beat’… with fllls … lol
like Chicago blues shuffles & country swings :wink:

I just added 1234 count-ins to my 1-2-1234 ones. Have a look here

That’s fantastic flatfoot. I look forward to trying them out. Good work.